Belville will be in Copacabana between 31 May and 17 August doing his  ActingYourWayToEnglish®. Here is the flyer for it.  Any questions, address them to me at

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Lance Belville on stage moments before participants arrive for first session of ActingYourWayToEnglish®, Solar de Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

ActingYourWayToEnglish® (AYWTE) joins modern English teaching theory with actor training techniques to help students overcome a range of speaking and comprehension problems. It is also an excellent vehicle for working on pronunciation difficulties.

AYWTE meets on stage in a theatre or it can take place in a school setting as well.
It uses a contemporary play of particular interest and relevance to the life of the participants as its modus operandi. The students do not study the play so much as interface with its world as the goals of the workshop are linguistic, not theatrical.

The students expand the world of the play and their place in it by improvising and developing their own versions of the characters and scenes in the play. And, especially in the class modus, students may use the particular play as a point of departure to develop their own play. AYWTE offers the flexibility to meet the communication needs of participants in a variety of spontaneous and challenging ways.


Belville runs a quick response exercise, ABC School, Granada, Nicaragua.


The fact that participants are on the stage of a living theatre is the point of departure for an exciting and fun experience that facilitates the English student in acquiring communication skills.  AYWTE is kinetic and creative, mixing games, contests and improvisations with physical movement and linguistic exchanges.

AYWTE works well in tandem with regular English classes, with students for whom speaking and comprehension of spoken, native English are important.

ActingYourWayToEnglish® culminates in a dramatized reading of the play in English for an audience of the students’ choice: Fellow students, friends and relatives or the general public.

Belville is available both in the United States and abroad to visit your school to share successful and proven techniques for improving English communication with students or teaching staff.


AYWTE WARMUP, American British College, Granada, Nicaragua. Belville conducts AYWTE session, Solar de Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Belville observes AYWTE participants in Solar de Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. AYWTE session, Arcozelo, Brazil.