APRIL 2009

CATESOL choses ActingYourWayToEnglish® to be presented at this year’s state convention at Pasadena in April. CATESOL is the California organization of Teachers Of English As A Second or Foreign Language (TESL and TEFL). Belville will present examples from ActingYourWayToEnglish® workshops he has conducted in Brazil, Nicaragua and California.

January 2009

Lance Teaches the Teachers at Canal Alliance, San Rafael, California, for their Spring Semester ESL Teachers' orientation, Lance was the sole headliner, asked to share techniques and methods with 40 fellow teachers prepping a new term with over 450 students.

Using TPR, realia, and ActingYourWayToEnglish®, his trademarked program, Lance delighted and energized the group. Remarked Canal Alliance Education Director Martin Steineman later, "The teachers loved you and many came up to me and told me how much they got from your presentation."


Belville conducts AYWTE session, Solar de Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Belville conducts two kinds of English language communication-building workshops and courses through ActingYourWayToEnglish® system (See ActingYourWayToEnglish category on home site.) and RealLifeEnglishNow®.

RealLifeEnglishNow® workshops and courses use a project-based system that develops real-life language learning situations based on the actual socio-economic conditions in the lives of the students.

Through a series of projects with gradually increasing range and complexity, the students “live” the language rather than “studying” it. Each project culminates off-site in hotels, stores, offices, restaurants, factories and other businesses in live interaction with native speakers to build communication skills or in real-life situations fabricated in the classroom with native-speaking visitors.

Belville is available to come to your school with ActingYourWayToEnglish or RealLifeEnglishNow® and share his proven techniques for improving English communication skills in ways that are fun, creative and innovative.


Hotel Bohemian Paradise Manager, Lucy Bartlett, welcomes RealLifeEnglishNow® students to hotel interviews. American British College, Granada, Nicaragua.

Belville has developed workshop techniques for guiding participants in the writing of their own plays. He has worked with entire communities, organizations such as historical societies and teaching institutions ranging from primary schools to universities. Each workshop leads to the full production of participant-written plays.

He led top-rated statewide summer play development workshops for school children in the cities of Fergus Falls, Willmar and Saint Paul through the Minnesota Arts Experience. And he has led community play development workshops in communities across Minnesota.


Belville’s are dynamic and inclusive methods for guiding groups through the process of researching and writing their own plays, based on their own stories, histories and myths.

The workshop can be set up as a short, intensive project where all the participants either write their own plays or as a longer, collaborative effort producing a more ambitious product. These workshops culminate with either a full production or public rehearsed readings.

While Belville accepts commissions to write community plays, the advantage of a play written by the community itself—or a school, or some other organization—is the strong sense of pride of ownership that comes about with a script the group develops itself. The plays Belville has guided into being sometimes have carried author by-lines numbering in the dozens of names.

Belville’s system does not require writers, would-be writers, journalists, English teachers or any more special writing expertise beyond a willing group of people open to engaging and experimenting with ideas and issues that come out of their own lives and their community.

Belville’s community play development workshops and commissions have always produced plays that went on to full productions.  In the case of his commissioned plays and community-produced work, all have earned back their writing and production costs at the box office.

REFERENCE: References provided on request.