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Belville conducts a workplace English class for construction workers, painters and carpenters, Canal Alliance, San Rafael, California.

Belville is currently teaching a course in Workplace English for constructionworkers, carpenters, painters and landscapers at Canal Alliance, San Rafael, CA.


Belville gets the hang of coffee cupping (tasting) first hand in Quillabamba, Peru.

A Belville article is presently running on the GRINGOES web site., entitled "They've Got An Awful Lot of Coffee In Brazil - And It's Going Fair Trade!"

It's about a recent coffee cupping competition held in Brazil. You can learn a lot about coffee, how its quality is judged and how Fair Trade enters into the marketing of select, top-quality joe. If you don’t find the article still up on GRINGOES' opening page, scroll down to the bottom and hit "See Previous Articles," and it will come up.


The October 15th issue of the oneline magazine, GRINGOES, available free at features a Lance Belville review of the Brazillian/American documentary CHILDREN OF THE AMAZON, featured recently at the Mill Valley (CA) Film Festival. Check out the review and the GRINGOES site and look for the flick in a theatre near you.


Actor James Erickson presently touring US in Belville's, For Amber Waves of Grain.

The Belville one-person show, “For Amber Waves of Grain…But Undistilled,” is on an extended—if somewhat disconnected—tour around the United States. It features James Erickson, a Saint Louis-based actor with lifetime knowledge of the American farm cooperative movement.

The play is an examination of the agony/ecstasy political life of the American politician, Andrew Volstead. Highly controversial in his own time, he was a Republican who co-wrote the Capper-Volstead Act that provided the legal structure for the co-op movement in the United States.

Volstead also wrote the hated American Prohibition law that banned booze in America for 13 long, thirsty years. 

Erickson plays Volstead at the regional Young Couples Cooperative Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on 8 November. Then he scoots up to La Crosse, Wisconsin, on November 11th, to do Volstead at the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives.


The November/December issue of the EasyEnglishTimes—out now—features a very short, humorous play, “THE STORY OF PEDRO AND FELIX,” developed by Belville’s ActingYourWayToEnglish® students at American British College in Granada, Nicaragua.

The EasyEnglishTimes is a tabloid-sized newspaper that provides news-based English reading opportunities for students of English around the world. It also publishes valuable feature articles.

Check it out at or call them at 707-253-9641.


And speaking of EasyEnglishTimes, the August/September issue features a nice piece entitled “Let me tell you about Granada, La Gran Sultana,” by a recent student of mine at the ABC School in Granada, Gustavo Jirón. A nice piece. Check it out.


The short play we developed in Granada included jazz chants we composed for the piece. But the play had to be cut considerably for use by EasyEnglishTimes.  Here, for those interested, is the full text. Use it if you would like, in good health.

Download the PDF