Belville’s translations run the gamut from fast fiction to hard-core economics.

In 2007, Belville translated Brazilian playwright, Aimar Labaki’s Proving Ground (Campo de Provas) into English.

The previous year he translated the novel, ANNA NERI, with Anna and Carlos Duarte, by Rio novelist, José Louzeiro, for Mondrian Books, Rio de Janeiro.

Earlier, he translated the novel, O ASSALTO, by the São Paulo author, Mario Kupperman.

He was head of the Translation Department, Mondrian Books, Rio de Janeiro.

Belville’s translating for the Brazilian film industry includes subtitles for ZE.COM, a documentary for Matinê Filmes, Rio. He has also translated trailer narration for Brazilian features into English for the world market for Chadler Filmes, Rio.

For two years, Belville was Chief Translator for “Brazilian Business Magazine,” Rio de Janeiro, and he has translated special Brazilian issues for the former Brazilian news magazine, “MANCHETE.”

 Co-translators Anna and Carlos Duarte pondering a difficult problem in taking English into Portuguese.